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14 reasons that Easter is the worst time for law students

There s something about Easter that strikes worry in the heart of law students.

What secondhand to be a pleasant family holiday loaded with chocolate and roast suppers has actually morphed into a symbolic obtain in gear, a procrastination cut-off point. It`s doctrine student code: Easter is the time to start panicking.



Legal Cheek counts down the 14 reasons that Easter is in basic a truly crap time for law students.

  1. The chocolate

You`ve been attempting your hardest post-Christmas to lay off the junk food and begin consuming brain food instead (as a desperate substitute for the ten contract law lectures you missed at the beginning of term). Whatever luck you were having will no doubt be over by Good Friday, when consuming half an Easter egg and a Dairy Milk bar for breakfast ends up being the standard. Not only are you exhausted and stressed out, you re now spotty and fat too.

  1. Exam timetables have simply been released

And in some way you have 3 three-hour exams in land, company and EU law in the space of 3 days.

  1. Coursework concerns have actually just been released too

You still don t know exactly what jurisprudence is, today you`re going to have to compose 3,000 words on it (send out aid).

  1. The printing

You`ve blown the final drags of your student loan on printing out 800 pages of modification notes, model essays and journal short articles in preparation for the holidays, none of which you plan on reading. Even if you had the time to spare, there`s no hope of doing anything fun with your home good friends over the holidays because you`re totally broke.

  1. The ex-employer hides and look for

You`re even shorter on time than you are on money and concealing from your previous company turns out to be a full-time task in itself. The manager of that supermarket you utilized to work for when you were 18 has seen on Facebook that you`re back home for a few weeks and has actually left you 3 pining voicemails offering shift work. On your rare trips from your bedroom, you feel sure that you`ll run into someone you utilized to deal with and will be sense of guilt tripped into working five 8 hour shifts on the trot two days before your coursework hand in. The idea scares you a lot you choose to stay inside instead.

  1. The post-dissertation realization

The required pre-hand in selfie is definitive evidence that your dissertation is now a thing of the past. After getting hugely drunk in celebration you realize that you`ve been living a totally blinkered presence for the last 6 weeks. Yes, your dissertation is done, but exactly what about that piece of legal history coursework that`s almost as numerous words? And those five exams you`ve got to revise for? You won`t be celebrating for long.

  1. The obligatory household time

Your family is your world and you enjoy them all to pieces, but it`s truly necessary for your mum to arrange 3 separate Easter suppers? You can`t spare the time, and you feel the entire thing is a ply to give grandma the opportunity to talk about how exhausted and stressed out you look. Your uncle might even ask you for legal suggestions.


  1. The dreaded book transit

You`ve currently lugged 2 stones worth of textbooks halfway throughout the nation from unit to home and back once more at Christmas time, and the thought of doing it once again is offering you nightmares. You almost pulled a muscle bring your books up the stairs at Victoria station, and it s best to repress that memory about taking your luggage on the bus.

  1. The weather

For the first time this year it`s stopped drizzling, it`s not so windy, and you even handled to pop to the stores the other day in simply denims and a jumper. However, surprise, there`s no time for you to delight in the weather just yet. You`re forced to admire the seasonal sunshine from your bed room window while you slave away over Herring s criminal law, and by the time you`ve done your work for the day the sun has well and really disappeared.

  1. The impending life choices

Then what are you going to do in summer? You avoid offering any answers like afflict however you`re starting to accept that you actually do need to start believing about your future.

  1. Law ball grieving

The tiny glimmer of light at the end of the long law student term tunnel was the law ball and now there`s say goodbye to of them to anticipate either.

  1. Speakers going AWOL

p6It doesn`t matter just how much you wave then I`m paying 9,000 for this flag, your tutors and lecturers will constantly vanish from the face of the earth during the Easter vacations. Who cares if it`s the added to exams and you could really, truly do with a little bit of aid?. Can`t find a crucial journal short article? Need a tricky technical question respond to?

  1. The nostalgia

Easter used to be such a delighted time. You quickly discover yourself dropped over your fifteenth global law coursework draft surrounded by empty Red Bull cans, keeping in mind happier days of Easter egg hunts and household suppers. How did things go so wrong? You ask yourself. When did life become so unpleasant? Ah yes, the day you enrolled on your undergrad degree.

  1. You’re chilled out good friends

Your non-law student good friend’s lax mindset to work is stressing you out more than you thought possible. Why does no one else have as many exams as me? Why does everybody keep making pricey, lavish strategies? Why does everyone appear so delighted?

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